How TO Go Out To Dinner, Support Local Business, And Not Break The Bank.

Where do you want to go for dinner? One of the most mystical, and puzzling questions that every human being faces. Fear not, my wonderful fellow foodies, Eat Around Tampa has all the answers for you this week. Today, we will explore the incredible (and might I add delicious) Cicco Restaurant Group (CRG) restaurants. Below, you will find my five favorite CRG restaurants, to help you get through your week’s “what should we eat?” drama:

1. Fresh Kitchen-This casual, affordable, AND healthy restaurant will get you in and out the door in under about ten mins. Pick a base, which could include refreshing Sweet Potato Noodles, veggies which are seasoned to make you feel like you aren’t even eating healthy, a uniquely prepared protein (vegetarian options offered), and finally a saucy sauce to add even more healthy flavor.

2. The Green Lemon-Looking for a Taco Tuesday that will not hurt your wallet? Check out this modern Mexican restaurant. The Green Lemon offers $2 tacos every Tuesday along with a trendy environment which is great for a night out with friends or a fun date night. For my 21+ friends out there, the margaritas are also amazing!

3. Daily Eats-Whether you are craving for breakfast for dinner, a savory milkshake, or a healthier shredder bowl, DE is right for you. This relaxed atmosphere gives very casual vibes. With endless options, even picky eaters are bound to find a delightful dinner choice at this restaurant.

4. Cicco Water-This California inspired restaurant offers a unique assortment of yummy options including sushi, California bowls, and pizza! Ciccio water has a vibrant environment that is bound to boost you up when the week feels like it is dragging on. I definitely recommend their “Hollywood Fit” bowl for a healthy tasty  option.

5. BetterBYRD, Chicken & Donuts-This dining option is not yet available in Tampa, but  is rumored to be coming soon to South Howard Ave! You can try out this CRG restaurant in St.Pete now.

According to the CRG Website, this incredible organization was founded over 25 years ago in New York, eventually branching out to Tampa due to its “healthy mindset”. By using a successful IMC strategy, the company has created 10 collaborative yet unique restaurants that primarily use word of mouth marketing and public relations to get diners in the door. For locations and more information checkout: Thanks for reading. Happy Eating!




24 thoughts on “How TO Go Out To Dinner, Support Local Business, And Not Break The Bank.

  1. I enjoyed learning more about the Ciccio Restaurant Group. I’ve seen some of these restaurants before and always wondered if I should stop there one day. Your write-up makes them seem even more appetizing that I had heard from friends. Thanks for the tips!


  2. I love your post and how you are encouraging your readers to support local restaurants. I have been to almost all of these restaurants, except Ciccios. I love sushi, but not many of my friends are fans of it. I definitely need to try it before I graduate! I want to know how they make the sweet potato noodles at FK because I get them every time and always wonder how they do it. Also, the trio dip from Green Lemon is amazing if you haven’t tried it! The CRG is constantly expanding and taking over Soho and I haven’t been disappointed with a single one of their restaurants. They are all so different and I think it is a great local business here in Tampa that is affordable for students.

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  3. Great post! I think my very first restaurant I ever went to in Tampa was the Green Lemon and I knew I was hooked on this place!! The Ciccio Restaurant Group does a great job of keeping each of there restaurants so unique they don’t even have to worry about cannibalization in the market! So yummy!!

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  4. Awesome blog! I personally love all of Ciccio Restaurant Group’s restaurants , Fresh Kitchen being my favorite. I go here at least twice a week because it’s so fast and healthy as well!

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