Have Your Cake and Eat Everything Else Too: Best Places to Get Dessert in Tampa

Ever since I was young I have always fantasized about Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory being a real thing. Rivers of chocolate that flowed with sweetness, grass that taste like sugar, and funny little people running around singing maniacal songs. Although that dream has not yet come to fruition, Tampa does have some incredible places that help satisfy my sweet tooth.Today, I’ll let you all in on the inside scoop on the best dessert places in Tampa.

1.Berns-It may not be an entire factory filled with yummy sweets, but the Harry Waugh Dessert Room, located inside of the world renowned Berns Steakhouse, comes close enough. From the seductive ambiance of the private rooms, to the irresistible 50 sweet or savory options on the menu you are bound to enjoy this luxurious experience.

2. Dough-Looking for some nonsensical yummy dessert options? Dough is the place for you. With options like Ice-cream served in a doughnut cone, you will not be let down with the unique choices you will find at Dough. This delectable dessert cafe is located directly adjacent to Datz, and is a sister company to the wonderful Datz restaurant.

3. Sprinkles-Located in the fabulous Hyde Park district, this chain has made its way down to Tampa. Place your order inside for ice cream, cupcakes, or delightful cookies, OR take your business outside and have some fun with their innovative cupcake ATM where you can choose from a variety of captivating cupcake options! Your sweet tooth will thank you

4. Icesmile-There is nothing better then a nice cold lick of ice-cream on a hot Florida day. Get it all rolled up at Icesmile, this stylish ice-cream comes neatly rolled and topped with beautiful fruit, candy, or chocolate. This trendy treat will definitely get you a ton of Instagram likes if you post it up on your feed. #yum

5. La Creperia Cafe– We all know that crepes are not purely reserved for dessert, but they sure do make a wonderful after meal option. La Creperia Cafe, located in Ybor not only has amazing food, but the diverse atmosphere of Ybor City makes for a great place to explore and experience the true culture of Tampa!


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